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Rose Quartz(Heart Shape)
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粉晶 又稱紅晶、芙蓉晶。無論用哪一個名稱,牠的作用都是一樣:「最佳的感情之石」。

粉晶的能量,相應著人體七輪中的「心輪」。幫助平衡「胸腺」,加強心、肺的健康。鬆弛緊張的情緒,多接近或經常配戴「玫瑰晶」的飾物,可增強個人的氣場裏的粉紅光,因而會特別受到異性的關注,即增加了對異性的吸引力,感情運會特別順利。 它亦能幫助兒童保持開朗的心境,減低頑劣性。可放在書桌和床頭或枕下,它的能量柔和舒服,不會影嚮睡眠。 在靈修方面,粉晶可幫助舒緩煩燥心情,使心胸廣闊,易體諒別人,和易於感應到別人的內心意欲。即「心通」


Rose quartz is also known as red quartz and hibiscus quartz. No matter which name is used, its function is the same: "the best stone of feelings."

The energy of rose quartz corresponds to the "heart chakra" among the seven chakras of the human body. Help balance the "thymus" and strengthen the health of the heart and lungs. Relaxing tense emotions, being close to or often wearing "rose quartz" jewelry can enhance the pink light in one's aura, and thus attract special attention from the opposite sex, which increases the attraction to the opposite sex, and the emotional fortune will be special Smoothly. It can also help children maintain a cheerful mood and reduce their rebelliousness. It can be placed on the desk, bedside or under the pillow. Its energy is soft and comfortable and will not affect sleep. In terms of spiritual practice, rose quartz can help relieve irritable moods, make you broad-minded, easy to understand others, and easy to sense other people's inner wishes. That is "mind communication"

Small rose quartz can be carried around, it can open the heart and make people feel happy, and it can also help attract connections and attract love and luck! Rose quartz helps relieve tension and irritability, keeping you calm. In addition, pink crystal mainly develops the heart chakra, which can strengthen the health of cardiopulmonary function, relax tension, relieve irritability, and make people broad-minded. Rose quartz has absolutely positive effects on interpersonal relationships, love and enhancing one's own charm. Rose Quartz can also heal spiritual pain. Rose quartz is the crystal of choice for attracting peach blossoms and protecting love. It adds pink light, so it is called the "stone of love." Rose quartz has a delicate color and always exudes charming charm. The light color of the rose quartz bracelet is not ostentatious and not seductive, just like water hibiscus. It is fresh and refined, which can soften temperament, increase popularity, strengthen the relationship with the opposite sex, and attract good marriage. .