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What if the fruits I purchased are bad within 12hours?

*At Qingo, we always aim to provide the high quality fruits and products to our members but there could be some unintended situations where we are unable to QC the fruits as there might  be no visible flaws on the surface. 

*If the fruits are bad, please kindly contact us via the livechat or submit the refund request from the My Orders section with the picture. We will refund it back to you asap. 

What is the minimum order for delivery? Is there any delivery charge?

*No minimum order for delivery. Delivery fee $8 applied if below S$59.

*We provide FREE DELIVERY for orders above S$59. 

*CBD and Sentosa Island area are slightly different, you may check it out when you placed the orders before making payment. 

Do you deliver on weekends & public holidays?

*We deliver from Monday to Saturday, excluding  Sunday and some public holidays.

Can I place my order more than 3 days in advance?

*Sorry, cannot. As fruits are seasonal, new batch of the fruits you ordered may not be available on your preferred delivery date. 

What are the delivery timeslots?


What if the fruits must be delivered to more than one location?

*We apply the free delivery rules for each individual location.

What if I want to make changes to my order?

*You can WhatsApp (+65 8387 2497) or call us 6970 6689 or livechat us at least 2 hours before the scheduled delivery time to amend your order.

What if I want to add more products to my placed order?

*You may just place a new order as normal, as for the same person, same address and same date's orders, the second onwards orders' are all free delivery. If not the same date, please just contact us and amend your order's delivery fee before making any payment.

How do you ensure freshness of the fruits?

*Quality and Freshness are the core of Qingo Singapore. We do our best to keep the high standard of the Fruits. We tasted and QC for every fruit we sold and make sure the fruits delivered to your doorstep are in tiptop condition.

Why is there a difference in price for the same fruits on different days?

*Prices of fruits may vary due to market fluctuation. Also, new batch of the same fruits may come in different size. These are factors that will affect the pricing.